• Outreach

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    Professional Master in Information Technology and Management (MTIG)

    The objective of the MTIG is to provide solid specialized technological knowledge, and at the same time place them within the context of their use as a means to improve the competitive position of the company and start new businesses. The unique combination of management and technology offered by the program is aimed at producing leaders who can obtain competitive advantages by fully exploiting the technology available in different development areas.


    See MTIG Website (Spanish)

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    Professional Master in Information Processing and Management (MPGI)

    Developed as a joint program between the School of Engineering, Faculty of Letters and Libraries UC, this Master has the objective of training specialists to meet the needs of a society where millions of interdependent individuals and organizations generate and use large volumes of information in a context increasingly digitized.


    See MPGI Website (Spanish)

  • Spinoffs

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    The Not Company (or NotCo) is a Food Tech startup that combines artificial intelligence with applied scientific knowledge to create vegetarian substitutes for animal food products. To achieve this goal NotCo has developed a technology that allows predicting the functioning properties of combinations of plant-based ingredients to replace a food's animal input and, at the same time, delivering the same or better sensorial experience than the original version of the food.


    See The Not Company website

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    Developed in the IALab at DCC, Zippedi shows the core competency in image recognition, machine and deep learning, we have created a solution/platform that allows retailers to digitalize their on-shelf data to monitor product availability, out of stocks, planograms and prices.

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    The Center for Studies in Information Technology (CETIUC) is a research and extension center that is part of the School of Engineering of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, geared towards studying and highlighting the strategic use of Information Technology in the country’s largest organizations. The studies and services offered by CETIUC are designed for Computer Managers, General Managers and Executives of Chile’s largest companies, government institutions and companies providing IT services.




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    The main goal of Millennium Institute Foundational Research on Data is to study how to efficiently extract semantic data from the Web, and to develop the basic tools for such an efficient extraction. With a rigorous interdisciplinary scientific approach, its objective is to study data in all its complex dimensions: its heterogeneity of sources and variety of formats; challenges in storage, security and privacy, the need for new query languages, the study of the availability and dissemination of information, social uses and the impact of digital information, among others.


    This is an initiative that brings together professors, researchers and students from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, University of Chile and the University of Talca, which is funded by the Millennium Scientific Initiative.