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Outstanding participation of DCC UC Delegation in Competitive Programming Tournament

The DCC UC delegation won the second (NBA team), fifth (.jpg team) and seventh (Mart McLight team) among 30 participating teams, under the guidance of PhD students Pablo Messina, and Martín Muñoz, former -competition competitors, who prepared the teams during the year in the "Competitive Programming Workshop" course.

In this year's edition, which took place at the University of Concepción and where the academic DCC Cristian Ruz is the national Director of the competition, he had the participation of 29 teams from 15 universities in the country. Each team is composed of 3 members, and a coach. Team members must solve a set of 13 problems for 5 hours with the help of a computer.
The ICPC is a team competition, which seeks to motivate students to fully develop their talent as problem solvers for the benefit of society. The competition reaches more than 100 countries and in Chile it has been participating for more than 20 years. Every year, the best programmers from the best universities in the country meet to demonstrate their technical and teamwork skills.
The best teams from different geographical regions (approx. 130) qualify for a world final. ICPC alumni (alumni) occupy important executive and technical positions in technology companies worldwide, and have been forerunners of important ventures, such as the case of JetBrains, a company founded by a former participant and currently the main ICPC global sponsor .

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