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Founder of Spark Beyond exposes about research engine based on Artificial Intelligence

The Department of Computer Science of the Catholic University (DCC UC) was visited by Amir Haramaty, Chief Commercial Officer of Spark Beyond, a company that advises on the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
During the activity, open to the community and framed within a series of talks and meetings that Haramaty is doing for our country, there were cases of use in various areas such as health, education and sales, in which an automated research engine was implemented developed by the company, which uses Artificial Intelligence to predict results and discover patterns, using resources from its algorithm library, collected by open source sites around the world. Through this system, the Spark Beyond engine generates over a million hypotheses per minute, also adapting to changes in data, conditions and events, optimizing searches or filling information gaps without human interaction.
The technology is designed to take advantage of the masses of data that exist on the web, intelligently increase this data and discover complex patterns. These patterns become powerful tools to explain, predict and optimize the results, working with Fortune 500 clients to accelerate advances and cutting-edge discoveries, while the engine deepens its knowledge and rewrites its own code, making it the first platform of research based on Artificial Intelligence which, to date, has generated almost seven billion hypotheses, which have generated an impact of more than one billion dollars for its clients.
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