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Academic Miguel Nussbaum obtains international recognition as ISLS Fellow

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Miguel Nussbaum, an academic at the UC School of Engineering and Director of the Department of Computer Science, has been named as one of the Fellows, cohort 2021, of the International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS).


The ISLS Fellows title recognizes those who have made important contributions to the field of learning sciences, highlighting the academic quality of its members and their role as positive actors of change within society through their leadership and mentoring at an international level.


In this regard, Professor Nussbaum thanks the nomination noting that "It is a great satisfaction to be recognized by peers for having made a significant contribution all these years. This recognition shows that it is possible to carry out meaningful research in very varied circumstances. I especially thank all my students who accompanied me on this path and without them I could not have done all this work ". The induction ceremony will take place virtually between June 7-11.