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Academic Jorge Muñoz will speak at an international conference on Process Mining

Jorge Muñoz, academic from the UC Department of Computer Science and co-director of HAPLAB (Human & Process Research Lab) has been invited to exhibit at CELOSPHERE 2021, the most important online event in the world on process mining, which will take place at held between April 13 and 15 online.

The event, organized by Celonis, a German data mining company valued at 2.5 billion dollars, will feature exponents from academia, industry and other relevant global players, who will present success stories, round tables and talks on good practices in their respective fields.

Professor Muñoz will participate on Wednesday 14 at 10:30 am with his presentation "Thinking outside the (unplugged) box", focused on the processes that have been carried out between UC Engineering through HAPLAB and UC Medicine on how to apply computing in medical academic training.

In this regard, Professor Muñoz points out "It is a great opportunity to make the work we do at HAPLAB known to the general public, where we apply Process Mining and Human-Centered Computing to medical education. A good example of interdisciplinary collaboration between the faculties of UC Engineering and Medicine. "

The activity is free, only requiring registration on the website.

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